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About Inner Harbor Hotels dot com

InnerHarborHotels.com is a marketing channel of the Beaches and Towns Network, Inc., a Delaware corporation, that has been serving the traveling public for nearly 18 years. Our first hotel reservation referral was confirmed in March, 2000.

We strive to provide accurate narrative, descriptions and information, but there is no guarantee that things will be (or remain) as depicted. The nature of business is that “Times, dates, events & rates may change; so please be sure to call ahead so no one is disappointed.”

Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer: In some cases we may write positively about or recommend a place or product. Please be advised that we may earn a commission should you decide to purchase something that we may link to (via an affiliate link) on another (merchant) site. We always endeavor to remain unbiased in the discussion of any product that may be for sale and/or linked to on a merchant site.

We are not a merchant and, therefore, do not sell anything directly on this site. There are “just some things” you may need for a visit to Baltimore. We may discuss or show some of them here – by linking to the merchants that actually sell them to you.

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